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I am Muhammed Resal freelance digital marketing consultant in malappuram with a bachelor degree in business administration  and Advanced diploma in digital marketing . Here I am try to figure out my best outcome in freelance digital marketing consultant in malappuram, Kolappuram, vengara,kerala,india . In this digital world i am here to help entrepreneurs to build their empire through social media and i am very much specialized in social media marketing services, search engine optimization (SEO) services , google ads services , content marketing , web design , email marketing .

I have comprehensive understanding of various digital channels . This help me to create best campaigns strategies with target audiences. Every business need advertisements to showcase their product or services to customers , nowadays most of the customers are available in social media so it is easy to showcase our product or services through digitally in various channels. But we know that most of entrepreneurs are most using social media or they are not ready to advertise their service or product through digitally , that’s why we digital marketing consultants are ready to serve you. I am providing services in vengara, Malappuram, Calicut, Kerala, India and in Uae – Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah. My Vision is to be the best freelance digital marketing consultant in malappuram,kerala,india for that i am very much ready to put my effort and i want to make my clients to be best in their industry  


search engine optimization

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

It enhance the chances of a website ranking higher in the organic (non-paid) ,With this we can grow our business through digitally with free of cost . whenever we rank our website we may have chances to get more clients

social media marketing

SMM ( Social Media Marketing )

The goal of SMM is get your maximum reach of you product to target audience through social media channels with best posters, video contents etc. With quality contents it helps to get maximum reach in social media.

email marketing

Email Marketing

It is a digital marketing strategy that involves sending targeted messages and promotional content to people via email.

google ads


It is an online advertising platform developed by Google and It provides businesses with a highly targeted .

content marketing

Content Marketing

It is a type of marketing it include online materials to get reach in social media like posters, blog, videos etc .


I want to provide my best outcome to the small and large business to grow their sales in product or services and want to be the best Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant In Malappuram,Vengara,Kolappuram,Kerala,india

Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant in Malappuram


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You can get the new update of google and Meta from the blog section Kindly checkout it and stay update in digital marketing.

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Digital marketing refers to the use of digital channels, platforms, and technologies to promote and advertise products, services, or brands. It leverages the internet and electronic devices to reach a target audience, engage with potential customers, and drive business growth. Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of online tactics and strategies it includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , Social Media Marketing  (SMM) , Content Marketing , Email Marketing .

Digital marketing is important to businesses for several reasons, and its significance has grown with the increasing reliance on digital technologies in today’s world. It Enhance Global Reach and we can get our product or service to targeted audience and very cost effective .

Its is very low while comparing to traditional marketing and its is the best cost effective marking technic.

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